I wanted to have a canopy for my tractor, but was short on cash. This was the cheapest thing I could think of. I had some #4 rebar, concrete, blocks and a rebar cutter/bender. I made 18" lengths of rebar, and also bent some into a "U" shape, then embedded one of each into each block. I put the bar at an angle of about 25 degrees.

I bought 15 10' lengths of 1" schedule 40 PVC water pipe, and 6 PVC crosses and glued them together with PVC pipe glue. At the far end there's a length of pipe in each direction of the cross. At the near end one direction is open for the entrance.

Each pipe gets lifted onto the rebar rod. I leveled the ground somewhat with the tractor, and dug a small drainage swale on the high side to catch runoff from the canopy.

I used a 19'x29' tarp. The ridge of the structure consists of 3' sections at each end and 4' lengths in the middle. I did this partly for strength at the ends, and partly to allow for having some overhang to the tarp so I could wrap it under the structure at the entrance. I think the key to the longevity of the tarp is to keep the stress off the grommets as much as possible.

I crisscrossed rope at each section to hold down the tarp. I left it somewhat loose otherwise it would result in the tarp having a triangle shape, rather than the arc shape that I want for headroom.

I guyed out the corners of the closed end. I use that section to cover material and tractor implements.

The result was still a little short for my tractor, so I raised the low side by adding extra concrete blocks

Total cost was about $125. We'll see how long it lasts. This setup probably wouldn't work in an area that gets snow.

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