I needed to get some roofing materials up onto the roof of a carport I was building. I made what I'd call a poor man's forklift by fitting some 2x4's to the front end loader bucket of my tractor. Not very strong, but it did the job.

The valve stems on my front tires kept going bad, probably after spinning them in the dirt. I cut semicircles from some 1.5" galvanized pipe and got a friend to weld them to the rims. No more flats.

I needed to move a car canopy but breaking it down and re-assembling would have been a pain. I was able to pick it up with my tractor and drive it across the yard.

I've made some bucket forks.

I tried to mow "just a little more" down the hill, and got into trouble, with one wheel off the ground. I dropped the FEL, turned off the tractor and stopped to think. Turning the wheel seemed to make it less stable, so I felt stuck. No way to go forward or back. I got a 4000lb tie down and looped the ROPS to a nearby tree. I was then able to pivot around the tree and get to safety. These pictures show the tractor once I had maneuvered a bit and gotten all wheels on the ground. This may be an obvious solution, but maybe it will help someone.

I made a cover for the tractor with a car canopy.

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