Tractor Canopy

I need a cover to keep my tractor and implements out of the rain. Making a proper shed that's big enough would require permits and money that I don't have right now. But for about $300 I was able to buy a canvas carport and put it up on posts so there's enough height to make it comfortable driving the tractor in and out with the ROPS and sunshade up.

First I leveled the slightly sloping ground with my box scraper. I left a very small slope so that rain would drain off and not pool.

Then I used my post hole digger to make some post holes. The ground is very rocky, so some holes are a bit shallower than I wanted, but they don't need much depth or structural strength for this application.

I cut some 8' pressure-treated 4x4 posts in half, put them in the holes, dumped concrete mix around them, and poured some water on top.

I cut all the posts to a level height and put pressure treated 2x6's on top to have a surface to which I could secure the canopy legs. Some deck screws with washers secure the feet to the ledge.

I set up the canopy and guyed out the corners.

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