I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro successfully in October 1999, via the Macheme route. Jambo! Travels made the arrangements for the climb and I would recommend them highly. I've started putting some pictures on line, but haven't yet posted the high resolution versions.

I made an unsuccessful attempt at Mt. Aconcagua via the normal route in 2004. In 2005 I tried again but had to turn back just 900 feet from the summit, due to altitude sickness. Despite more aggressive training in 2006, that attempt was foiled by bad weather at 21,000ft. I did summit El Plata however.

I've also climbed Mona Loa, where fire danger (but no eruptions) closed the mountain while we were on it. There was no fire, and we had the entire mountain to ourselves it seemed. Amazing. Technically, we didn't make it to the top, since we camped at a hut on one side of the crater, and the "peak" was a hundred feet higher, on the other side of the crater. Our water filter broke, so without water, we had to descend.

I climbed Mt. Shasta (14,161ft) in Northern California in June of 2006 via the Avalanche Gulch route.

I climbed Mt. Kosciuzko in Australia in August of 2008

Other significant hikes I've done include a week or so each in the Grand Canyon, Glacier (9/1996) and Jasper (8/2002). Some short hikes I've done include Lassen Peak (7/1994) and Mount Washington. In the late 1980's I did two overnight trips to Moosehead Lake, when there were no signs or campgrounds, and it seemed almost unvisited in the late fall. In college, I hiked a lot in the White Mountains, including Mt Kinsman and Mt. Cannon. Some favorite California spots where I've done many hikes include Henry Coe Park, and Mt. St. Helena. I've also hiked in Death Valley (12/1994) and Sequoia Park. On a cross country drive (10/1994) I tried to visit all the national parks in Utah that I could. I day-hiked in Zion and Arches. Arches was incredibly peaceful once I hiked a mile or so out into the desert, and away from the loop road that passes most of the stone arches. All I could see was stone, sky, brush and the little desert rabbits that scurried by as I walked. I wish I could have seen the park in Edward Abbey's day. On that same trip I briefly visited Bryce Canyon, but did not have time to hike there. I hope someday I can return, as it must be one of the most beautiful and otherworldly places I have seen, with a thousand stone sentinels dusted with snow standing at attention below the cayon rim. Later, on (12/1995), I went back to Utah and camped in Dixie National Forest. On (12/1999) I snowshoed up to the base of Wheeler Peak near Taos, but the snow was much too deep to attempt the climb on my first experience with snowshoes. (1/2001) I had an interesting several day trip to Saguaro park (1/2001) where snow covered the trail during my hike and nearly prevented my exit. While on a business trip to London (9/2001), I did a side trip to hike up Ben Nevis in Scotland. I also did a three day ice climbing course in New Hampshire (2/2001). I did some snowshoeing around Mt. Rose (12/2004) but the weather was too bad to attempt the peak. Many of my trips have been done with my friend Dave Rothkopf and most others were done solo.

I didn't take the Kili, Shasta and Mauna Loa pictures so they are the property of their respective photographers.